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Easter Meet & Training Weekend Click for Meet Info...
19/04/2019 - 22/04/2019
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  • The company of delightful people!
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Name: Pilot PUT Crew Visitor
Name: Pilot PUT Crew Visitor
Name: Pilot PUT Crew Visitor
Name: Pilot PUT Crew Visitor
Name: Pilot PUT Crew Visitor
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Theory Training Subjects

A - Air Law (Fri)
B - Balloon Systems (Sat)
M - Meteorology (Sat)
N - Navigation (Sun)
H - Human Performance (Fri)

Practical Training Subjects

T - Tethering training
F - Flight training
C - Crew Training

Safety Seminar

S - Safety Seminar (Sun)

e.g. John Doe A C M F S
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Name: Menu choice: (eg A D J)
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Meet Info...
Flying maps: 103, 104, 98
Directions/Address: Thornton Hall Farm Country Park, Thornton-in-Craven, Skipton, N.Yorks. BD23 3TJ 01282 841148
(OS Landranger map 103) SD901483
Flying info: PRBA Members - please count yourself as a NWBAC member on the entry form as you too have free balloon entry for this meet but the website system can't handle that!!

Briefing will take place at Thornton Hall, on the camp site. Mornings 06.00 hrs Evenings 17.30 hrs. Farewell meeting (TBC) over the weekend.

Flying will take place, weather permitting, after each briefing at the farm or an alternative take off site details given at the briefing. Flying conditions may only be suitable for experienced pilots and flying restricted as a result. Any other flying from the event other than post briefing must be agreed with the meet director.

Leeds Bradford (Approach) 134.575 NEW FREQUENCY
Balloon Meet frequency 122.475 (Please note proximity of LBA Class D airspace to the east)
A NOTAM will be published for this event.

Sunrise 06:40 hrs BST
Sunset 19:30 hrs BST
Re-fuelling: Please arrive with full tanks. Refuelling will be from 104's, which must take place at the designated site only.

Please bring your own refuelling hose. Subsidised max. price £45.00 per 47Kg Cylinder, (only available after first flight). Refuelling will be 09.00-09.30 & 16.00-16.30.

Please bring a signed blank cheque at first briefing or a bag of pound notes!
Other notes:
Socials; Competitions; etc.
Please note that unless you advise us otherwise your mobile phone number will be added to the “Whatsapp” temporary messaging service “NWBAC Easter” so that the meet director can message you with urgent information during the meet, (N.B. this group will be deleted once the meet is over and your mobile number removed).

Training is available for all the written examination subjects.

Final revision for those ready to sit exams and an illustration of the depth of study required for those just starting to prepare.

Please book the subjects you want using the 'menu'.

Friday - Air Law & Human Performance
Saturday - Balloon Systems & Meteorology
Sunday - Safety Seminar & Navigation
Monday - Written Exams

Practical training will also be available all weekend. Please book using the 'menu'

Exam study will be at The Old Stone Trough

Fan Safety

Accommodation: Camping available on site. PRBA & NWBAC Members £8 per unit per night,

To be collected by the NWBAC Treasurer, Derek Grimshaw, (if not paid in advance,NWBAC, Sort Code:- 77-76-08, A/C:- 36241760)

Please camp in the large field, (not the small enclosure), and at the top end of the field as the country park use the centre of the field as part of their Safari Trek.

NB:– No loose dogs on the camping field, please!

B&Bs and Hotels are available in and around the Skipton and Barnoldswick area. Training based at The Old Stone Trough.
Contact: Dave Court (Training)
Phone: 01695 570617
Mobile: 07970 696446
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