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New photo competition announced
Steve Donkin, as winner of the last competition, has been considering possible themes for the next competition. After much consideration, he came up with the following:

"I had about 6 ideas for themes in mind to be honest but I was trying to think about which would be the most "saleable"!
1. North West landmarks - Chosen
2. Setting up
3. Misty/Silhouette
4. Night glowing
5. Slow motion burner flames
6. People / happy spectators

I would say the cut off to be the Monday before next committee meeting [Monday May 15th] to make sure we hit the target of 12 pics for the calendar so that potentially pics from KL could be the next theme?"

Extra merit given to photos featuring a balloon as well, of course. Steve will be the judge of the best shot but if you have photos for him to consider, let John H know and he'll send you a link to upload them. Email here.

A really good theme - N W Landmarks - and the photo shown is one from Steve Wass which has to be eligible.
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