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Middsummer Maddness success
After several years of this competition, 2017 proved to be the most successful, we had five competitors who flew over 61 miles in total.

This was my swansong, I am handing the competition over to anyone who is daft enough to arrange a briefing at four o’clock in the morning but it was good to be involved once again.

The met forecast was giving a low level 2 knot drift towards Southport which proved to be true but the gradient wind swung round to 9 knots Westerly once you got above 1000 ft. The competitors found an even faster band of wind at certain heights which meant for an greater challenge, luckily the low level inversion held out until all were down safely.

Trevor Read and Paul Wade in special shape globe G-SATL were too embarrassed to declare a final landing Grid Reference and were therefore last.

Martin and Emily Read in G-OBUY, registered 6.98 Kilometres (4.34 Miles) and came 4th.

Bob Jones and Caroline Collins in G-TSWZ, managed 20.40 Kilometres (12.68 miles) and are 3rd

Phil Howarth and Steve Donkin in G-CJWH, landed at Rawtenstall and managed 31.20 Kilometres (19.27 miles) and are 2nd

Dave & James Marshall in G-ROXI, landed at Whitworth and managed 39.41 Kilometres (24.49 miles) and are 2017 Champions .

All the teams managed to make it back in time to the launch site so as not to be disqualified and then all enjoyed a hearty breakfast at The Farmers Arms, Whitestake where I presented Dave and James with the Trophy, newly engraved up to date and polished, thanks to last years winner, Peter Donkin.

Picture of Bob and Caroline in G-TSWZ over Darwen with Dave & James in G-ROXI in the distance by Steve Donkin in G-CJWH

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