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August Fly Out
As most balloons and Pilots were either in Italy, on their way back from Italy or busy preparing for Bristol it fell to me to organize our Sunday August fly out and Breakfast.
I had a contact with Andrew Huntley Jacobs who has a property on Harrock Hill, Heskin who invited us to fly from there.
Chairman John and Phil Howarth made it for 06:00 hrs although the venue was a little difficult to find up a narrow road with only a small insignificant house sign.
Both took off with a southerly wind, forecast 3 knots but more like 10. I gave the pilots to task of landing in my Paddock, John made a valiant effort landing behind my western neighbor, Phil flew over the middle of the field behind our house but as it was crop flew on, if any prizes were to be given, (and there not), John was the moral victor but Phil got nearest.
We all met back up at the Brassiere at Rufford for a hearty breakfast, well earned after a good morning.
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