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Splash and Dash Trophy Success
Once again the Pennine Region Splash and Dash Trophy returns to the west side (the right side) of the Pennines!

John Russon with Derek G, Neil H and Steve & Pam Wass's Daughter Heather Foy,took off on 22nd September at 18:00 hrs from Naburn Lock in G-SCFC heading almost due east away from the obvious Splash and Dash target of the great river Ouse. Never the less several puddles were identified as possible S & D targets, none of which gave us any opportunity to splash into...
After 40 minutes or so we had almost given up when we realised that the River Derwent was just the other side of a large stand of pine trees across our track, in spite of keeping low, the expected left did not appear so we had to go over and descend rapidly to make the river, as we dropped into the wind shadow of the trees we crept toward the Derwent, only to find this part
completely covered in bushes with no chance of reaching the water through them...

Thinking wed lost it, we pulled up and spotted that the river swept round on a large bend and on our track we would cross it again in 200 metres or so just across a stubble field at an angle of about 75 degrees, luckily on our approach side of the river bank there were no bushes this time, although the far side had a few, tracking across the field at 4 to 5 knots John kept us at a few inches above the stubble then using the brambles and tall grass on the river bank as a brake we almost stopped, a quick dump and we descended towards the water, then a long burn - was it too much too soon? Our heads were level with the river bank but would we touch the water before that last burn took effect? We felt a small judder in the basket as we were picked up and ascended brushing through the bushes, looking down, yes there was the tell tale of square ripples where we had touched the water and not a drop in the basket!

A perfect splash and dash in an almost impossible place - Congratulations John, I will remember that moment for a long time! Flying on over Newton upon Derwent we made a good landing in a stubble field next to
the road and then of course we retired to the local for a celebratory drink or two.

Derek Grimshaw
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